SMD-LED spectrophotometric equipment solutions
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       LED light source in the production process, due to changes in chip consistency factor, glues and packaging capacity differences can not reach a unified demand for used, so after the completion of the LED package need to segment the action. System architecture is the identification filter feeding vibration plate, the light emitting diode nozzle member to the indexing plate, after indexing plate corresponding to test the accuracy of positioning the mobile station measures the uniform optical characteristics, according to the LED light-emitting diode current, voltage, brightness , the wavelength difference, turns fluid leakage value, etc. off into different Bin Code, and then classified by the agency to the LED light-emitting diode corresponding blanking box. General industry called "splitting", that is, under the lighting condition is detected above performance data classification in order to achieve complete consistency requirements are using.

       Taiwan workers self-developed technology by automatic devices emitting diode LED standard classification system using PLC via touch interface with human-machine interface to achieve a simple, easy to operate automatic control mechanism. The principle is that the LED device transmitted from the vibrating plate to the indexing plate photoelectrically performance testing. After the test is completed in accordance with the different parameters of the LED light-emitting diode to the collection box classification.


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